Comparison vs ChatGPT is the #1 generative AI tool for business. Don’t settle for generic text answers from an unreliable chatbot. Empower employees with AI that’s tailored to your use cases and business in a secure environment.

Deep comparison

choose when your business needs tools which resolves real world problems

Available when you need it

99.99% uptime

Generates business-ready content

Trained on business writing and marketing data

Out-of-the-box templates specifically for business use cases

Secure custom training on your content and data

Unique templates for your specific AI needs

Claim detection capabilities for fact-checking

In-line writing suggestions to improve your content

Automatic suggestions from your style guide

Variety of inputs (beyond text) – URLs, audio, video, PDFs, and more

Built for businesses

User management and reporting capabilities

Data protection from usage in any other models by default

Generated content is your copyright

Onboarding and support from Customer Success

Sam Altman

"ChatGPT is incredibly limited..., it's a mistake to be relying on it for anything important right now."

Sam Altman


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